Programm – XI Conference EADPP, Moscow


President of EADPP – Timoshkina A. A.
Vice-president of EADPP – Mizinova T. V.pdf pageR
Vice-president of EADPP – Aulkina S. A.
Vice-president of EADPP – Gridaeva G. V.

Chairman of Moscow Regional Branch – Savicheva E. P.

11:00 moderator – Savicheva E. P.

Timoshkina A. A. – opening speech

Plenary papers

11:10 Timoshkina A. A. “The group norm at the different level of communication in the field of group-analysis
11:40 Gridaeva G. V. “Envy in the psychoanalytic pair: on the other side of the norm”
12:10 Savicheva E. P. “Reading Guillaume Musso”
12:30 Coffee break
13:00 Sobolev I. M. “On the infinity and abstinence of the analyst”
13:40 Eryomin B. A. “Evil”
14:30 Lunch break

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